Counseling at Trinity

Trinity Baptist Church’s Counseling Ministry is an outreach service of our church operating under the leadership of the elders. The purpose of this ministry is to give biblical clarity, help, and guidance, to people facing difficult problems and assist them in finding answers to their problems in God’s Word.

Our hope is to help people know the Lord Jesus Christ as Savior and to live their life in a way that pleases Him for His glory. Our counseling services are available to members of the church as well as people in our community by appointment and on an application basis. Our counseling includes Marriage Counseling, family counseling, and individual counseling for personal problems.

Philip and Debbie Chandler are certified biblical counselors having completed courses through the Institute for Nouthetic Studies in Greenville, South Carolina under the teaching of Dr. Jay Adams.

Our goal is to provide each person seeking help with the truth of God’s Word with compassion, helping them to recognize and confront problems biblically, to make changes, and to grow for the glory of God. 


Counseling appointments are approximately one hour. We request that if you cannot keep your appointment, you notify us at least 24 hours in advance. Keeping your appointment, or calling in advance if you cannot, is important as it demonstrates your commitment to the counselling. We do understand unforeseen scheduling difficulties so if you do need to reschedule, we will be happy to assist you. We do reserve the right to terminate counseling if there are repeated cancellations, repeated failures to complete homework, or a general lack of initiative or willingness to make progress. 


Homework is a very important part of the biblical counseling process. Homework is somewhat unique to biblical counseling and it is one of the reasons why this type of counseling is so effective. It continues the counseling process between sessions and teaches you how to find your own help for the future. Therefore, you will most often be required to spend time each week on homework. When done consistently the work you do at home will speed up the counseling process. 


There is no charge for counseling appointments. However, any contribution you make to Trinity Baptist Church for counseling services will enable us to expand the counseling ministry.

There may sometimes be small costs for recommended resources such as tapes, books, and pamphlets.

local church involvement

In order to achieve lasting biblical change over problems, it is vital that you become established in a consistent Christian walk. The Lord has provided the local church to assist in this process. If you are not consistently involved in a local church, we strongly encourage you to attend at least one service a week at Trinity Baptist Church. If you are part of a local church on a consistent basis, the assistance of your church’s leadership is requested so that you may more fully receive the benefit of all the spiritual resources given by God. 

application & personal data inventory

Please complete this personal data inventory and either mail it to the included address, or scan and email it to Philip or Debbie Chandler ahead of your first appointment. Sending the form in advance of your appointment will help us to prepare and will expedite the counseling process.  COMING SOON: Online Personal Data Inventory