The Word of God

By the grace of God, we are committed to understanding, teaching, and obeying the whole counsel of God.

We are committed to a careful exposition of the Scriptures using sound principles of Biblical interpretation to arrive at a correct understanding of God's Word.

We are committed to applying the truths that we discover first to our personal lives, then to our family life, the life and practices of our church, our vocational lives, our educational lives, and our social and civil responsibilities. We understand that no traditions in any area of life are sacred and that all we think and do must be brought under the scrutiny of the whole Word of God to see whether it is pleasing to Him. 

The Gospel of God

By the grace of God, we are committed to proclaiming a God-centered Gospel.

We are committed to proclaiming the Biblical Gospel that originates with a holy and good God who does all things for His own glory.

The Gospel we are committed to is the good news that God in Christ Jesus saves sinners by His sovereign grace. God does not save the sinner with the sinner's help. God finds sinners in their depravity and inability and according to His unmerited mercy and grace He efficaciously applies the finished work of Christ to their lives. When God by His grace purposes to save a sinner, there is no person, power, or demon in the universe that can thwart Him. 

The Worship of God

By the grace of God, we are committed to worshipping God in spirit and in truth.

We believe it is essential that our individual and corporate worship be offered to God in spirit and we thus desire to be led by the Holy Spirit. This spiritual worship will allow believers the freedom to express their individual and corporate adoration to God using all of the appropriate Biblical expressions of praise.

We believe that our individual and corporate worship must be in truth because our worship of God can never go any deeper than our knowledge of God.

Since God's truth will lead us toward Christ-centered worship, then the ultimate focus for every believer and every church is the preeminence of Christ. Thus, as the foundation for all our worship of God, we are committed to being rooted in sound, Christ-centered doctrine. 

The Church of God

By the grace of God, we are committed to living out our Christian lives in God's church.

We understand local church life in the New Testament as consisting of a specific group of believers committed to one another in the fellowship of the Gospel and the furtherance of God's kingdom.

We believe that the church is the living body of Christ and not a building or an event to be performed once a week. In this local body, God has grace-favored every believer with specific spiritual gifts and ministries to be used to build up the body for the work of service in His kingdom.

Since Christ has purchased the Church with His own blood, we are humbly committed to learning to obey, serve, and glorify Him in all things.