Grace Missions Ministries

Ministry 1: Medical-Evangelistic

The Woodrows are building a mission hospital in Nampula, the third largest city of the country with a population of 350,000 people and the cultural and economic hub of northern Mozambique.


Ministry 2: Church Planting

A local Reformed evangelical church has been established and authorized by the government to sponsor additional missionaries to Mozambique.

Ministry 3: Literature Distribution, Pastors' Conferences, 

& Training Seminars -

In conjunction with Editora Fiel of Brazil the Woodrows have established a bookstore in downtown Nampula and host annual pastors' conferences attended by church leaders from 30-40 different denominations and eight of Mozambique's ten provinces. They also participate in Fiel's nationwide literature distribution program with select church leaders receiving one free book a month for 36 months.