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Policy Overview

The facilities and grounds at Trinity Baptist Church are a gift of God to His people and are thus dedicated for use of worship, teaching, training, equipping the saints, fellowship, missions, and ministries for His glory and for the furtherance of His kingdom. Therefore, all activities conducted in the buildings or on the grounds must always be of the type that honor Christ’s name and must always maintain order as determined by the leadership. As believers, you and your guest are expected to conduct yourselves with the utmost respect, courtesy, and decorum on the property and give no cause for reproach to the body of Christ or to Trinity Baptist Church. This policy is not all-inclusive; therefore items not covered in this policy are to be presented to the Elders for consideration and approval.

Event Guidelines

Our buildings and grounds are not for rent or use to parties outside the membership of Trinity Baptist Church. Any event or building request by Trinity membership must be submitted in application form to the elders at least 60 days prior to the event. Approved applications will be forwarded to the building coordinator to review and an assessment to cover cost of the event will be determined.

General Policy (All Events)

  • No smoking, alcohol, or drugs will be permitted on the premises. 
  • No food or drink, other than that used for communion, will be permitted in the worship center at any time.
  • Proper care of building will be expected at all times. Also, it will be expected by any group using the facilities or grounds to respectfully care for and clean up after an event so that the building and grounds are in the same condition as prior to the event. In some cases, church janitorial services may be provided for a cost recovery fee to be determined by the building coordinator.
  • Moving of furniture for an event must be approved by building coordinator and returned to proper place after the event.
  • Church property (tables, chairs, or equipment of any type) must not be taken off church premises without permission from the elders and a return timeline must be followed.
  • Responsibility for damages to church property for approved events will be the applicant’s.
  • When children are in attendance, they are the responsibility of their parents or guardian. Children must be given adult supervision and are not permitted to roam freely about the church property. All children’s activities or events must be supervised by adults.
  • No swimming, boating, rafting, canoeing, or any other “in or on the water” activity will be permitted.
  • Fishing will be catch and release and must be under adult supervision at all times.
  • Keeping the buildings and grounds tidy and free of litter is all memberships’ responsibility. We want our buildings and grounds to remain beautiful to our enjoyment and God’s glory.
  • All music selections for events (including weddings and receptions) must be reviewed and approved by the Building Coordinator, under the oversight of Trinity’s elders.
  • It will be required, at a cost to the event host, that our sound system will be operated by experienced Trinity sound personnel only. This cost will be assessed by the Building Coordinator and will be used to compensate the sound personnel for their service.

Weddings at Trinity

  • Trinity Baptist Church conducts wedding services for Trinity Church members and, at the discretion of the elders, active participants in our congregation who are non-members of our church.
  • Because proper preparation is helpful to the success of a marriage, we require that both parties attend premarital counseling sessions with a Trinity pastor. Premarital counseling focuses on helping couples evaluate and strengthen their relationships according to sound biblical truths. Biblical roles for marriage, communication, intimacy, and other topics are addressed in an understandable and practical style.
  • A pastor-elder of Trinity Baptist Church will have the privilege of officiating weddings in its worship center or connecting grounds. The invitation for another minister to take part in the service or officiate the service must be approved by Trinity’s elders. Couples should not invite other clergy to take part in the service before consulting Trinity’s elders.
  • Scheduling and approvals are to follow event guidelines.
  • A 60-day notice must be submitted prior to the event.
  • Approval is required by the elders.
  • Upon approval, the event will be assigned to the building coordinator, provided by Trinity, for a fee to be determined (see building coordinator responsibility below).
  • No standard candles may be used. Dripless candles, only.
  • No stapling, gluing, taping or nailing of decorations which would cause damage to surfaces.
  • Furniture moved must be approved by building coordinator.
  • No rice, bird seed, confetti, silly string, thrown during or after the event (inside nor outside). Any request for this type of activity must be approved in advance with the building coordinator.

Outdoor Events

  • Scheduling and approvals to follow event guidelines.
  • A 60-day notice must be submitted prior to the event.
  • Approval by elders required.
  • Building coordinator works with requestor on all details of the event.
  • Building coordinator schedules event on calendar
  • Camping and/or campfires must be approved and must have adult supervision.
  • Building coordinator must be made aware if inflatables are being used.
  • Type of inflatable and company set-up must be arranged through the building coordinator.

Building Coordinator Responsibilities

  • Confirm the event on the church calendar.
  • Consults with the requestor and assesses the event needs.
  • Communicates building policies and guidelines and enforces these throughout event.
  • Opens building for all scheduled aspects of the event.
  • Coordinates and schedules sound system technicians and lighting operations.
  • Coordinates set-up (florists, caterers, photographers, and decorations).
  • Coordinates practices, rehearsals, rehearsal dinners, weddings, receptions, etc.
  • Schedules clean-up, trash disposal, and building closure.
  • Assesses fees and security deposits.

Building coordinator will be in attendance for entire duration of event(s).